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2018 Spring -BLACKSMITH- Metal Serving Tools

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2018 Spring -BLACKSMITH- Metal Serving Tools







Tongs / Trivet / Bottle Opener

BLACKSMITH is a series of serving tools, including three essential objects: Tongs, trivet and bottle opener. Made of stainless steel and zinc alloy, the rustic and delicate collection is born from Tainan metal factories in South Taiwan. Over the first decade of the brand, TOAST launch this new collection and choose black color to pay tribute to the metal factories in Taiwan which we have corporate for 10 years.

BLACKSMITH tongs is the most charismatic item of this collection with its elegant metal arc. You can feel the thick sense when holding the tongs, while the details of the edge and the hairline of steel surface both presenting its classics character. Made of 18-8 stainless steel, the blade of the bottle opener has the same arc line as serving tongs. Stable, simple and easy to hold, the bottle opener is a chic tool for beer time. The metal trivet consists two oval metal rings. With its latch design, two oval rings can be combined stably as a pot trivet, and also can be used separately for placing long-shape plate. Made of zinc alloy with heat resistance of 120 degree Celcius ,the trivet is the best mat for pour over kettle or casserole.

The factory of BLACKSMITH is in Tainan, south Taiwan. The factory master has rich experience of producing tongs. From 2cm to 1.2m, the factory produces more than 2 million of metal tongs every year. During the six months of design and manufacturing process, designers and factor masters has countless discussion and adjustment in regards to the holding angle, thickness and aesthetics. The collection faithfully represents the co-working results between Taiwan designer and local factories. 

Simple, practical and durable, BLACKSMITH is created to accompany with your meal time in any scenarios. Whether you are at home or doing outdoor travelling, these three items are always your best mate, just like a reliable and earnest blacksmith with its skilled craftsmanship.

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