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LOTUS Glass 雙層玻璃蓋杯組,是TOAST專為愛茶者所設計的現代泡茶組,同時兼顧了泡茶的便利性與專業性。一壺配上一杯的輕巧設計,搭配了過去十年來受到世界各地使用者所喜愛的LOTUS 經典滑動杯蓋,更方便品茗者獨享,甚至旅行外出時攜帶。全新薄荷綠系的杯蓋,映襯著玻璃紋路中清透的綠茶色澤,更能呈現品茗時刻的清爽心情。

「蓋杯」品茶是東方飲茶文化中最精華也最便利的方式。以蓋杯沖泡茶葉時,水由高處注入杯中後,瞬間蓋上杯蓋將其風味封住,之後再以單手食指扣住杯蓋濾出茶湯。此法不僅能保留住茶香,更呈現了優雅的飲用姿態。LOTUS 系列將蓋杯使用過程中最優美、但初學者也最不易掌握的滑動杯蓋動作,轉化為僅以大姆指推滑即可完成。讓品茶文化能以更平易近人的方式進入日常生活之中。

LOTUS Glass 擁有傳統蓋碗的容量,以一壺(220ml)一杯(175ml)的設計,讓每次泡出來的茶均能完整倒出於杯中,不會讓茶葉久泡苦澀。出湯順利,可輕鬆以一手倒出:透明外觀則可欣賞茶色之美。玻璃茶壺適合色澤優美的綠茶。茶壺與茶杯的直條紋紋路相稱,呈現不同的剔透景緻。雙層杯壁構造,具有良好保溫隔熱功能,除了避免燙手,飲用冰涼冷飲時也不會在杯身或桌面留下水痕。使用完畢之後取下蓋子,寬口杯徑方便清洗與保養。

LOTUS Glass 雙層玻璃蓋杯預計於2018年10月於全台上市。

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LOTUS Glass Gaibei teacup is a set of modern teaware designed for tea lovers by TOAST. Inspired by traditional Chinese Gaibei teacup, the designer creates a double-wall glass tea set which includes a small teapot and a cup. Using the classic sliding-lid of LOTUS porcelain teacup, the Glass Gaibei is suitable for enjoying the tea alone and travelling.

"Gaibei" shows the most refined tea culture in a simple way. After pouring water into the cup, sliding on the lid to seal in the aroma of tea. The lid-sliding is a representation of tranquility and balance. LOTUS gaibei is designed to make lid-sliding simpler so that even beginning tea-drinkers can master this difficult movement by moving only the thumbs.The double wall glassware can keep the temperature inside and users won’t feel hot while holding it. When the lid is removed, you can see droplets of water at the edge of the cup like the dew that clings to the tip of the lotus leaves.

The quantity of LOTUS glass small pot and cup is 220ml and 175ml respectively. The tea can be pour over every time after infusing, which avoid the tea leaves being over -extracted. When drinking tea with LOTUS tea set, you can see the beautiful tea colors through the delicate glass stripe . Easy to clean when you finish the tea-making.

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photography by Kenyon Yeh